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  Pipes That Are Vulnerable to Freezing There are some pipes that are more vulnerable to freezing than others:   READ MORE >>

 INSURANCE TIPS Insurance Tips - Before the Storm  Keep a written inventory of your possessions. Take photos or videotape of each room and the exterior of your home to keep with your inventory. Gather important documents and insurance cards and policies. READ MORE >>

When it comes to owning a home, it's critical that you keep your monthly costs low. From your electric bill to your water bill, spending more than you have to on your bill is simply wasteful. Fortunately, there are simple ways you can make your home more energy efficient. READ MORE >>

Looking around your home, you may wonder, what dollar value can you place on your valuables? When buying home insurance, you will need to have a basic idea of the value of your belongings. Often, buyers focus on only the amount of structural coverage purchased. Structural coverage protects from the cost of damage to the building itself. READ MORE >>

If you provide a contracted service, clients expect you to finish the work on time. They also expect you to do the work correctly and for the project to function efficiently. But, what if you can’t complete the work? In these cases, many businesses purchase surety bonds. READ MORE >>

Every property, regardless of its location, faces a flood risk. Many property owners wonder how their insurance policies cover flood damages. The thing is that most property insurance policies don’t cover flood damages. Most policyholders have to buy separate flood insurance policies to cover their property. READ MORE >>

You consider your home safe. You take care of it and maintain it. Nevertheless, every year, homeowners claim millions of dollars in insurance because an accident happened.  Accidents range widely but are generally incidents that homeowners could not prevent. READ MORE >>

As Americans, we love vehicles. We love cars, trucks and SUVs. Our vehicles are a part of our liberty. They get us where we need to be, when we need to be there.  Additionally, whether new or used, we purchase our vehicles with our hard-earned money. They are of significant value to us. READ MORE >>

When you survey your property, you might only take a passing glance at your driveway. But, your driveway is part of your home that is very important to your home’s value. You park your car and use your driveway as a thoroughfare for the rest of your home. Driveways can also be great assets to your home. READ MORE >>

Most people don’t think twice about the amount of snow building up on the top of their home. Your roof, though, tends to be the ideal area for snow to build up untouched. After all, it is an open space. That could lead to significant accumulation. That’s dangerous. READ MORE >>

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