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Most insurance policies have coverage limits that detail the greatest cost that insurance might pay for a claim. Local law might mandate minimum coverage levels, but policyholders usually have the option to increase those levels to meet their needs. Your insurance agent can help you choose the correct levels. READ MORE >>

If you own a home and it suffers damage, you may assume your home insurance will step in and help cover those losses. In some cases, it will. In others, though, it will not. Imagine this situation: Your hot water heater bursts. It happened out of nowhere and flooded your basement. READ MORE >>

You want to protect your home at all costs. It's your safe haven and a valuable financial asset. If your home sustains damage from storms or other incidents, you might get in touch with your home insurance company to file a claim. This claim might help pay for some or all the damages to the home. READ MORE >>

As you shop for home insurance, your agent may ask you how much dwelling coverage you would like to buy. Dwelling coverage is the amount of financial help you receive to cover the structure of the home. It is sometimes called Coverage A. If your home gets damaged or destroyed through a covered event, this policy will help to cover some or all those losses. READ MORE >>

Insurance companies periodically have to raise the costs of their plans. From 2015 to 2016, national car insurance rates rose more than five percent. Texas drivers, like those in other states, saw these rate increases at varying degrees. A variety of factors influence how car insurance rates fluctuate. READ MORE >>

Looking around your home, you may wonder, what dollar value can you place on your valuables? When buying home insurance, you will need to have a basic idea of the value of your belongings. Often, buyers focus on only the amount of structural coverage purchased. Structural coverage protects from the cost of damage to the building itself. READ MORE >>

If you provide a contracted service, clients expect you to finish the work on time. They also expect you to do the work correctly and for the project to function efficiently. But, what if you can’t complete the work? In these cases, many businesses purchase surety bonds. READ MORE >>

Flood Maps are Changing...What you Should Know Timing is important, owners only have one chance to grandfather and lock in the existing zone for future rating. Last chance to qualify for grandfathering is to buy or renew a policy before the new Flood Insurance Risk Maps (FIRMs) becomes effective. READ MORE >>

You consider your home safe. You take care of it and maintain it. Nevertheless, every year, homeowners claim millions of dollars in insurance because an accident happened.  Accidents range widely but are generally incidents that homeowners could not prevent. READ MORE >>

One way to ensure that your renters insurance will cover your home is to know what perils the policy covers. That way, you can take steps to minimize the chances that a peril will strike you. Therefore, you have a better chance of your insurance company honoring your peril claims. READ MORE >>

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