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Insurance companies periodically have to raise the costs of their plans. From 2015 to 2016, national car insurance rates rose more than five percent. Texas drivers, like those in other states, saw these rate increases at varying degrees. A variety of factors influence how car insurance rates fluctuate. READ MORE >>

Why are Homeowner Insurance Premiums Going up? How Can We Control Those Costs? Our friends at Safeco offer a bit of perspective…. Many customers may be going through sticker shock when they open the renewal notices for their homeowners insurance. Premiums are going up, sometimes way up. READ MORE >>

Hunting cabins offer you and your family more than just a respite from the rest of the world. They also offer you the chance to get back to nature and embrace a simpler way of life, if only for a few weeks out of the year. But a hunting cabin that is small, no-frills, and sits empty most of the year is not a property that should remain uninsured. READ MORE >>

It's becoming increasingly popular to invest in sustainable products for the home. But it’s also popular to live in a home that was actually built to be green—or eco-friendly. In a green home, the focus is on creating ways to use environmentally friendly products for building and environmentally friendly ways of heating, cooling, lighting and generally powering the home. READ MORE >>

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