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Houston TX Homeowners Insurance While home insurance is not required by law in Texas, many mortgage lenders ask that you own it before agreeing to your loan. Homeowners insurance coverage is intended to cover the expenses of repair or replacement if your home or belongings are lost, damaged or destroyed resulting from a covered incident. READ MORE >>

Why are Homeowner Insurance Premiums Going up? How Can We Control Those Costs? Our friends at Safeco offer a bit of perspective…. Many customers may be going through sticker shock when they open the renewal notices for their homeowners insurance. Premiums are going up, sometimes way up. READ MORE >>

A big sigh of relief is being breathed in many communities as home values are once again on the rise. And while not every community is experiencing this revival, individuals living in those that are may be wondering how this increase will affect their Houston home insurance policy. READ MORE >>

When deciding whether to purchase a specific line of insurance coverage to protect your health, income, or property, it helps to understand what the purpose of insurance is. An insurance policy is not about minimizing the risk that something bad will happen to you; it's also not there to pay for your pain and suffering. READ MORE >>

You can amass many belongings over the course of a lifetime. And unless you are completely alone, you will probably collect enough property for more than one lifetime as you share your life with your spouse and your children, and you take on the property of deceased relatives. READ MORE >>

Many disasters caused by winter weather conditions can be prevented by taking a few simple steps. Although it's hard to think about such things during warmer months, it's important to be prepared when the colder weather arrives. It's hard to predict the weather in the future. READ MORE >>

Property exclusions exist in Sections A and B of a homeowners insurance policy. The following are some of the most important exclusions to be aware of:Collapse - If a home collapses, there is no coverage provided unless the cause is included in the list of additional coverage inclusions section. READ MORE >>

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