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 My Car was Flooded Thousands of Texans are picking up the pieces after Harvey and its rentless rains flooded widespread areas. Here are answers to some common questions if you car was flooded. 1. Will my insurance cover it? READ MORE >>

You've filed a claim with your insurance company. What do you do next?  First, be sure that your agent has on file a phone number where you can be reached, especially if your home was damaged to the extent that you are no longer living there. READ MORE >>

Report a Claim (Damage From a Named Storm)   We hope you and your families are safe during this difficult time in our city, and we want to make your claim process as stress free as we can. The following is Claims information for use after a named hurricane, tropical storm or flood for damage that exceeds your deductible. READ MORE >>

 INSURANCE TIPS Insurance Tips - Before the Storm  Keep a written inventory of your possessions. Take photos or videotape of each room and the exterior of your home to keep with your inventory. Gather important documents and insurance cards and policies. READ MORE >>

SUPPORT OUR 2017 GOAL OF IMPACTING CHILDREN IN OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY HIG-Henrich Insurance Group is gearing up to provide school supplies for our children in our local community so they can start with the tools to be successful. Last year HIG donated 50 backpacks filled with school supplies, and this year we want to help make a difference again. READ MORE >>

Most insurance policies have coverage limits that detail the greatest cost that insurance might pay for a claim. Local law might mandate minimum coverage levels, but policyholders usually have the option to increase those levels to meet their needs. Your insurance agent can help you choose the correct levels. READ MORE >>

If you own a home and it suffers damage, you may assume your home insurance will step in and help cover those losses. In some cases, it will. In others, though, it will not. Imagine this situation: Your hot water heater bursts. It happened out of nowhere and flooded your basement. READ MORE >>

You want to protect your home at all costs. It's your safe haven and a valuable financial asset. If your home sustains damage from storms or other incidents, you might get in touch with your home insurance company to file a claim. This claim might help pay for some or all the damages to the home. READ MORE >>

As a homeowner, you want your insurance coverage to fully extend to every risk on your property. This includes the ever-present risk of fire. Most home insurance policies cover fire damage. But the source of the blaze matters. Some home fire sources are excluded from home insurance policies — including some caused by bad electrical wiring. READ MORE >>

It's time to announce our monthly referral rewards drawing winner. Our May 2017 winner is Brett Mosser, who won 2 tickets to the JJ Watt Charity Classic. Congratulations, Brett! Want to join in on the fun? Simply refer a friend to our agency for a free quote, and we will put your name into our monthly drawing for a chance to win $50-$250 prize. READ MORE >>

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