Home Insurance

The primary role of home insurance is to cater for repair and replacement cost to your home and personal belongings if they are damaged or destroyed by a covered peril. After making several sacrifices, you have found a perfect home for your family to lay their foundation in Texas. Now you need the right home insurance policy with HIG-Henrich Insurance Group to safeguard your property and belongings.

Unlike auto insurance, home insurance isn’t required in Texas. Even so, it’s still advisable to protect your investment from risks such as accidents, theft, and liability claims. Also, lenders usually require it before financing your home.

Some of the coverage options under home insurance include:

Dwelling: Caters for damages to the physical structure of the home, including walls, floor, roof, and ceiling.

Loss of use: Caters for any additional living expenses in case a covered loss renders your home inhabitable. This includes temporary residence, transport costs, and other additional daily expenses.

Liability: Pays to defend you against lawsuits and provides coverage if you’re found responsible for a third party’s injuries or property damage.

Personal belongings: Protects the contents of your home such as jewelry, furniture, fine art, antiques, and appliances in case they are stolen or damaged by a covered peril.

Although home insurance covers most of the risks that homeowners face, there are a few exceptions like floods, earthquakes, intentional damage, and losses incurred if your home is left vacant for a specific period. You need a separate flood insurance policy to cover damages due to floods.

HIG-Henrich Insurance Group offers affordable and reliable home insurance policies that fit every homeowner’s needs in Texas. Choosing the right coverage and understanding how home insurance works can be tricky, so, talk to one of our knowledgeable agents to help you understand what best suits you. Visit our online rating tool to get a quote or contact us for more information.