Commercial Insurance

Nurturing a business from a simple startup to a multinational requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and patience. At HIG-Henrich Insurance Group, we understand that your business in Texas faces a wide range of risks that can bring it down.

That is why we bring you comprehensive commercial insurance coverage that will protect your business assets, property, and income against unforeseen losses. Our commercial insurance policy includes a wide range of policy options that are specifically designed to protect your enterprise. Keep in mind that every commercial operation that you or your employees undertake has its risks that you can’t ignore.

What Does Our Commercial Insurance Cover?

We cover a broad range of risks including but not limited to theft, falling objects, fire, and lightning. Our commercial insurance policy is broken down into the following categories:

  • General liability coverage: We will be there to help you if someone is injured at your business premises by accident or as a result of negligence. We shall help you pay for their medical expenses and legal costs that may arise if you are taking to court.
  • Business property coverage: Our business property coverage protects your business building and its contents against a broad range of risks. For instance, if fire damages your business premise, we shall meet the cost of repairs. We will also replace your business assets when they are damaged or stolen. We will be there to ensure that your business operations aren't crippled even when the worst happens.
  • Business interruption coverage: Our business interruption coverage will replace lost revenue and any other increased expenditures that you may encounter when your enterprise is affected by any covered risk. For instance, if fire makes your office inhabitable, we will pay the rent for the new space to make sure that there is business continuity.

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