Boat/Watercraft Insurance

For boat owners of all kinds, purchasing a policy for your boat or watercraft is of the utmost importance. Boats and watercraft are unique vehicles in that they promote play and often cause people to behave recklessly. Therefore, ensuring your boat or watercraft have premium coverage is vital. That's where the HIG-Henrich Insurance Group comes in. A premier insurance agency in Texas, HIG is an excellent option to purchase a variety of insurance packages. The following is a closer look at your options for boat and watercraft coverage.

Types of Coverage

When speaking of boat and watercraft insurance, there are a variety of coverage options. No matter if you decide to stick with general liability or opt for more, the following is an overview of your options.

Liability- This is the bare minimum option and covers you is you injure someone else or their property while using your boat or watercraft. 

Emergency Service- There is also the option to add on emergency coverage as a means of ensuring your watercraft can get serviced when you need help the most. 

Physical Damages- Moreover, you also have the option to add additional coverage to protect your boat or watercraft from physical damage caused by yourself or others while using the boat or craft. 

Boat Accessories- Lastly, you can even get coverage to protect your boating accessories such as anchors, life preservers, and more.

Overall, for residents of Texas seeking high-quality boat/ watercraft insurance, HIG-Henrich Insurance Group is the way to go. Providing outstanding customer service from representatives you can trust, we put our best foot forward with every customer we consult with. Simply email, call or stop by to find out how you can start your policy at once and hopefully save some cash in the process. 

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